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What Does it Mean to be Angry?

What do you think of when you hear or see the word "angry"?  At Angry Black Gxrl Art, anger is more than a feeling.  It is the driving factor to effect change.


For some people, especially Black women, it is not as easy to be heard or live as our most authentic selves.  It is much easier for people to label us as dramatic or demanding or, G*d forbid, angry for advocating for themselves.  Several years ago, I decided that I would rather be labeled "angry" than actually angry because I did not express my truth.  ABGArt celebrates this ideal through the creation of handmade art and home decor.     


For more information about the collections and products we provide, reach out today.

How We Got Here

Once a snarky micro aggression, DeJanae has done away with what it means to be angry.  Established in the midst of a global pandemic and social unrest, Angry Black Gxrl Art was founded upon three core principles: spread love, stand up, fight back.  Angry Black Gxrl Art vows to embrace the positive and undeniable parallels between emotions and actions through handmade art.  I believe it’s okay to be angry. It’s useful. Powerful. Passionate. Now, what are you going to do with it?


How can I order a custom piece from Angry Black Gxrl Art?

The most efficient way would be to send me an email or direct message via instagram (@angryblackgxrlart.) Explain the type of piece you would like as well as design details such as colors, styles, and inclusions (flowers, pictures, foils, crystals, etc.) Following your initial request, I will collaborate with you directly to bring your vision to life.  For inspiration from past projects, please see my instagram ^^ or facebook page.

Something I want is marked "out of stock." When will it be restocked?

It is best practice to request the piece(s) the same way you would for a custom order.  Just mention the piece you are looking to recreate.  As I shift operations to a made-to-order basis, there will be no additional custom fee for requesting pieces in this manner.

I live in the RVA area, do you offer local delivery?

Yes! To avoid unnecessary shipping costs, please use code: "SHOPLOCAL" for free hand delivery.

What if I am not satisfied with Angry Black Gxrl Art?

Creating for others is a labor of love so if you are not happy with your order, for any reason, I want to know about it.  Please do not hesitate to reach out via email or direct message so that we may address your concern together.

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